MINDFULNESS is the living presence, the awareness that exists in each moment of life. Learning to fully experience and accept each unfolding moment without the usual judgements and stories, allowing the truth of that moment in. We learn to simply BE.  Mindfulness is ultimately about learning to relate to ourselves and our experiences, may they be pleasant, unpleasant or neutral; with kindness, compassion and acceptance. Its about how we connect to and receive each moment as it arises.  Mindfulness is the miracle by which we master and restore ourselves – it is the miracle which can call back in a flash our dispersed mind and restore it to wholeness so that we can live each minute of life.

Living Presence

MEDITATION is the process and practice of becoming quiet and still, slowly settling the thoughts of the mind in order to move inwards and gain access to our inner landscape of peace, love and contentment, which is of course our inherent nature. Meditation is not forcing your mind to be quiet: it’s finding the quiet that’s already there. It is from this place that we truly begin to heal and live with a vitality we have never before discovered. We meditate to know, understand and accept ourselves. The work of Meditation is to coax the mind into letting go of the perceptions and ideas that keep it stuck, so it can expand and reveal itself as it really is…As vast creative Awareness, An ocean of Peace and Power.



Meditation and Mindfulness are methods of quietening the mind and experiencing our deepest nature – the self.
It is an awakening, an upwelling of energy, joy and wisdom.
Techniques and skills for arriving in the present moment, showing us how to reconnect with our own wise inner guidance system, and equipping us with the tools to effectively deal with anxiety, stress and depression, allowing us to live our most fearless, joyous and peaceful life.


Living Presence


Living Presence

Living Presence exists to provide the healing tools and techniques of Meditation, Mindfulness & Yoga for those wishing to bring true balance back into their lives. Learning to look inwards to support the innate capacity of the mind, body and emotions to function optimally and to effectively integrate the hidden, the disconnected and the painful elements back in together to live a life in healed wholeness. We are here to support you, teach you and guide you in navigating your way inwards towards your own transformational journey back to your truest self.

In this fast-paced, information dense world of today, we as humans have lost the very heart of ourselves. As such, we are not able to effectively cope with the constant bombardment of stimulus through the senses. Without an intelligent and sincere connection back to the sacred peaceful self, we suffer with anxiety, stress, trauma, fear, disease, physical pain and tension and depression.

Living Presence recognises and understands the disconnection of self so many face in the world today. We believe that spending time accessing our own innate wisdom produces a powerful ripple effect which radiates through families, workplaces and communities.

Anyone at all can go inwards to explore their own inner worlds – anyone. The real key to going deep in meditation is wanting to go deep. You need to understand and decide that you can no longer keep going along as you are, with the buried weight of the past holding you back and creating so much struggle and internal conflict. The more you crave and taste the joy of the inner world – the easier and easier it becomes. And after a very short time indeed, you yearn to sit, to become quiet and still, put aside the busyness and noise, and you savour every sweet second in your own internal bliss.

After just a few short weeks of a meditation practice, you will become aware of a loving presence within yourself.

This unguarded way of being present to yourself is a deep encounter with the most beloved of beloveds.

“Our aim is to provide the tools and techniques which facilitate the gentle fusion of the hidden and painful aspects of ourselves, providing real and lasting integration and a true sense of wholeness.”



Living Presence

Hi, I’m Rachel.

So who the heck am I and how did I become an online course meditator? Well I’m not really an online meditator but I am a meditator, and I have over the last 15 years been running successful Meditation/Yoga studios, helping hundreds of clients and students go from deep seated stress, anxiety and physical pain, never believing they could heal their past inner wounds, to finally living a life of conscious peacefulness, by learning the skills of Meditation & Mindfulness. This makes my job pretty darn important in the world today, and I’m so very grateful.

You see, there was time where I was a miserable recluse, building my walls of armour, hiding my broken heart and low self worth away from the world. I had experienced childhood trauma, neglect and abandonment, so know only to well the struggle with anxiety, depression & painful confusion.

It took a flash of inspiration to decide the exact pathway to begin my own journey towards healing and integration, after trying and failing at so many modalities and systems.  This journey, of course was Meditation, Mindfulness and Yoga, and it put me back on the road to the infinite source of wisdom and inner healing I was so desperately searching for, and knew was the entry point to a new life. Once and for all I wanted a solution….not the possibility of a solution, but a sure-fire, carved in stone, historically proven solution.

“My promise is to help you learn and establish all the techniques and foundations of a Meditation & Mindfulness practice, setting you up to effectively break free from cycles of fear, worry and all the limiting patterns and responses that have kept you stuck, and to finally live freely and confidently with deep self-love, a clear & steady mind and abundant peaceful joy.

24/7 Online Access to

Meditation & Mindfulness Programs

Our easy to use, online school offers an array of online course programs that you can access from the comfort of your own quiet space at home, all perfectly designed to suit you and your lifestyle. Here you will find the perfect program, beginning your journey into the teachings and delving into different aspects of Meditation, Mindfulness, Mantra and Yoga Nidra, all following a seamless and easy to follow immersive experience. Every program will allow you to deeply and safely explore your own inner landscape to create the emotional resilience, self acceptance, mental clarity and peace of mind to have been searching for your whole life. The meditations are yours to keep and can be accessed on any device at any place or any time.

Online Course Programs

Follow one of our courses to find your own path to a life of calm and fulfilment.

Living Presence

The Uncluttered Mind: A Path to Peace in 6 Weeks

Living Presence

The Calm & Peaceful Mind: A Free Mini Course Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness

Living Presence

The Miracle of Mindfulness: Compassionate Living For a Busy World

Living Presence

Yoga Nidra: The Art of Transformational Relaxation



After just a few short weeks of a meditation practice, you will become aware of a loving presence within yourself.

This unguarded way of being present to yourself is a deep encounter with the most beloved of beloveds.

We, as humans have infinite capacity to love, precisely because we ARE love: it is our very essential nature, so when we remove all obstacles or, provide the perfect conditions to access this inner universal flow of love, we are utterly transformed.

A new sense of confidence arises, an inner solidity and decisiveness where before was confusion and doubt. The need for validation from others to find self acceptance and a sense of importance is greatly diminished, and you learn to trust and be guided by your own intuitive responses, feelings and reactions.

Deep rooted fears of not being enough, layers of shame and unworthiness will fall away when you come into direct contact with your own clear internal space.

There are so many effective and tangible mindfulness meditation techniques that really help to give the mind a place to land and be supported while you learn to navigate through the debris of the mind.
What we want to do effectively, is learn to use these techniques to reach that part of ourselves that is clear, peaceful and calm; that part of our mind that isn’t always doing, planning, problem solving, analysing, rushing, judging and complaining. It is there I promise, it is there in each and every one of us, and it brings balance back into our lives.

Living Presence
Living Presence
Living Presence

Meditation & Mindfulness Online programs designed to
treat the underlying causes
and symptoms of:

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Stress, worry & fear

  • Unresolved trauma or past pain

  • Lack of self-worth/esteem

  • Physical pain and deep-seated tension

  • Lack of sleep and irritability

  • Low energy and vitality levels

Introducing Meditation and Mindfulness programs to bring you the wonderful benefits including:

  • Ease & relief from the symptoms of anxiety and stress

  • Improvement in all relationships

  • Building emotional resilience

  • Bring Self-Acceptance & Love

  • Soften & relax the physical body

  • Improve sleep & general well-being

  • Increase energy & vitality levels

  • Promotes peacefulness, clarity & calm

Rachel holds a beautiful and deeply resonant space in which meditation practice can simply arise. Her manner of imparting knowledge has taken me to a much deeper level of connection within my self and within my life each moment. I encourage anyone who is wanting to begin this journey or to deepen an ongoing practise to take their next step with Rachel.

Amala Janice Aldridge - Ceremonies With Amala

I highly recommend Rachels meditation course, classes and workshops. I met Rachel attending her lovely yoga classes focused solely on my physical being. but through Rachel’s warm & unpretentious guidance at the end of each class I began to understand the amazing benefits of meditation. I Have since attended Rachel’s meditation classes & workshops and joined her online program, all which have been life changing for me. Rachel has a warm down to Earth approach and an honest Desire to help those around her . Bless you and thank you.

Helen Quagliata

Having spent 5 years practicing yoga and meditation with Rachel, and regularly attending meditation workshops and masterclasses, and believe her classes and her online  courses are the best. She is a great caring teacher and just so down to earth as it should be. After completing a month long meditation course with Rachel, I found I was much more centered, and learned just to let my thoughts go, because they are only thoughts, and we all seem to get stuck in them. Overall I feel great, and I still practice 20 minutes every day.

Gavin Dinham - Gavselectrical.com.au

I have always been a searcher, a seeker and throughout my life I have learned about all sorts of ways to connect with myself and make sense of my life…. runes, paganism, Buddhism, Karate. I developed my own particular style of meditation after I severely injured my back but after taking Rachel’s meditation course however, I learnt how to go much deeper inwards, and the techniques she taught were exactly what I was always searching for. I cant tell you how much better I feel in my life now, so much calmer, and clearer. Thanks Rachel!

Rod Mitchell - RCM Studios

I am enjoying the course very much. I like the fact I can do the meditations whenever I choose each day. I do a meditation one day & then repeat it the next. This is beneficial as I work five days a week and don’t always concentrate too well the firsttime due to the stresses from work as I do the practice in the late afternoons. I find Rachel’s voice is great to listen to – very calming. Rachel is also very helpful with assisting with any technical issues with the course. I have had a lot of stress this year and the meditations are helping me focus on improving my state of mind. I would readily recommend the course to anyone. I believe it is important to commit yourself to practicing every day. No matter how stressed or tired I am – I feel more relaxed. I look forward to doing the rest of the course & I can always go back & do it all again.

Lindy Marson

Rachel is one of the best yoga instructors around. If you haven’t tried yoga before or you are looking for a studio that offers exceptional yoga for all levels and ages, don’t go past Living Presence without checking it out. You won’t be disappointed. You may even become a yoga addict too.

David Thirgood

Fantastic yoga classes where you can really focus on yourself and feel great. The best massage I have ever had! Rachel really knows her stuff. Always leave feeling better and looking forward to the next class.

Cora Brownjohn

Just want to share with you all what a wonderful yoga teacher we have here in Cabarita at Living Presence. If you have ever wanted to give yoga a go or want to come along to some beautyfull classes. Whatever level you may be from beginner to advanced, Rachel Eldred is simply and utterly fabulous.

Amala Janice Aldridge

Wow, what a difference yoga has made and what a lovely natural person Rachel is. About 6 weeks ago I joined my first ever yoga class. Rachel made me feel very comfortable while I was trying all these new postures and relaxation positions that were so foreign to me. She is very understanding of all her student needs and abilities and conducts the class to encourage and suit everyone in it, beginner or experienced.

Kim Purdey

I love this studio! Rachel’s classes are a great mix of warm ups and traditional classic asanas – just what I’ve been looking for, thank you Rachel, yaaaaay!

Melissa Colman



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